What do we do?

The basic answer to that question is that we translate English texts into Spanish so that it can be fully understood by native Spanish speakers.

Before the actual translation begins, we first assess what type of text it is, the number of words, the file format, the specific target audience, and how long the project will take.

The translation step involves paying attention to detail and doing due diligence to best translate all the words in the text. Translating is the art and science of forming the best wording in the target language.

We also offer an editing service, which involves a second translator proof-reading the text, double checking for any errors. 

What kinds of texts can we translate?

We can translate a wide variety of texts.  If a client submits a project we are unable to do in a professional manner, we will not accept it.

Some of the various fields that our translators have experience in:

Our Rates


$0.05 - 0.11 per word

Translation plus editing:

$0.09 - 0.18 per word

Like the majority of companies in the translation industry, our fees are based on the number of words, the type of text, and file format. (For example, a hand-written, scanned PDF document is more difficult to translate than something typed in a word processor.)



We believe in the fair pay of professional translators who hold university degrees in translation.

General documents: These include a wide array of texts such as forms, flyers, labor contracts, human resource protocols, brochures, etc.

Web Pages:  There is an increasing demand for companies to have their website available in Spanish. Having your website in Spanish means better customer service and an increased marketing reach.

Health Care:  In this area it is especially important for companies and organizations to provide information for people who do not speak English.

Legal:  Legal documents including contracts, affidavits, sworn testimonies, court records, evidence to be used in a legal case, etc.

Finance: Including brochures for banks, business proposals, marketing strategies, contracts, etc. 

Science and Medicine:  Clinical trials, investigations, laboratory protocols, published articles, etc.

Restaurants and Tourism:  More and more restaurants, hotels, and tourist locations provide a translation of their menus, websites, and other information in order to better accommodate the Spanish speaking population.

Mechanical/Industrial/Technical: Instruction manuals for products, protocols and procedures, etc.

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